Niobium products

Atomic Number:41
Atomic Symbol: Nb
Atomic Weight: 92. 9
Melting Point: 2468℃
Description: soft, silver-white metal.
Niobium commercially is classified into Ferro-niobium, Niobium powder, niobium carbide and niobium fabricated sheets, plates, rods, wires. Ferro-niobium is added into steel make high strength steels such as tool steel, structural steel, etc. Niobium oxide can be useful for lithium niobate for surface acoustic wave filters. Camera lenses. Coating on glass for computer screens and Ceramic capacitors like tantalum oxide. Niobium carbide has very high hardness like other carbides, is used for cutting tools. The most important use of niobium powder is electronic industry as niobium capacitors.
Metal niobium products are often used for
Sputtering targets.
Cathode protection systems for large steel structures.
Chemical processing equipment.
Some useful alloys of niobium are
Niobium-titanium alloy and niobium-tin alloy (for Super conducting magnetic coils in magnetic resonance imagery (MRI), magneto encephalography, magnetic levitation transport systems, particle physics experiments.
Niobium-1%zirconium alloy for Sodium vapor lamps, Chemical processing equipment