Molybdenum products

Name: molybdenum, Symbal: Mo
Atomic number 42
Atomic weight: 95.94
Melting point: 2610 ℃
Density: 10.22 g/cm3
Colour: grey metallic
Molybdenum is a silvery-white, hard metal. Molybdenum is used for manufacturing stainless steel, super alloys, alloy steel, tool steel to improve tensile strength, hardness, welding conditions, and the property of enduring high temperature and corrosion. Most molybdenum is consumed in steel industry and only a small part is in forms of foil, sheet, wire, mesh, rod, powder, tube and other shapes.
Molybdenum is mainly used in following states:
Ferro-Molybdenum: These alloys serve as adding agent for manufacturing high-speed steel; The content of W is normally 60-70%. These steels are stainless steels, super alloys, alloy steel, tool steel special purposes.
Pure molybdenum: most molybdenum plates, foils, strips, large rods, and wires are made from pure tungsten. Pure molybdenum is easier to be processed from powder into bars, slab, and finally into wires, rods, plates and foils. EDM Mo wire is made from pure molybdenum. Brand: Mo-1 and Mo-2
Molybdenum doped with rare earth metals. This kind of doped Mo can be used at higher temperature than pure Mo. Brand: HTM Most molybdenum tops are made of TZM (doped with titanium and zirconium). Brand: TZM
Mo-W alloy: Mo-W alloys are usually for electronic tube heater. Brand: MoW20, MoW30, MoW50