About Us

Brief Introduction

Xian Vacoat Advanced Materials Co. Ltd. is a company specialized in the production and export of tungsten filaments, high purity aluminum products, BN boats and other products that are used in the industry of vacuum metalization.

In order to better serve our customers, to strengthen the quality control and further promote our products, Xian Vacoat Advanced Materials Co. Ltd. was established in 2001 with business office at No. 35 Tangyan Road, Xian and our factory of stranded tungsten filaments etc. in Chang’an, Xian.

We use the best Chinese tungsten wires or Osram tungsten wires, produce by workers of many years’ experience and test and check our products before packing in our factory. We produce and supply products of super quality at more competitive cost.

Due to our long experience in the trade and strong relationship with some other factories, our partners process some of our products, with given materials, under our quality control and under our trademark.

We also serve as export agents for some partners for the products such like titanium sheets. Our products are exported to the following countries or areas:

1.Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Bulgaria, Poland, Switzerland
2.United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico
4.South Korea, India, Iran, Turkey

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Products we produce:  

1.Stranded or un-stranded tungsten filaments for metalizing
2.Cleaned tungsten wire
3.Cleaned molybdenum wire
4.Tungsten boats and molybdenum boats
5.High purity aluminum staples for metalizing

Products we trade:

1.Tungsten bars, rods, plates, black wires, foils, crucibles
2.Molybdenum bars, rods, plates, black wire, foils, crucibles, wire nets
3.Boron nitride rods, bars, crucibles, cubes, discs and frames
4.Boron carbide powder, ceramics products
5.Titanium plates, sheets, tubes, bars, wires, parts
6.Tantalum plates, wires
7.Niobium plates, etc.